How much of a Ravens fanatic are you? The Sun is looking for stories of your devotion. Tell us the wildest thing you've done as a Ravens fan. Please e-mail us at with your name, town and daytime phone number.
I wanted to share with each of you a story that I submitted this morning. Would be great to hear some of your stories in the event The Sun doesn't select them...

I'm writing on behalf of a Ravens fanatic that I think you will deem one of a kind. She is a soon-to-be 70 year old woman who lives in Ocean City and makes her early morning trek west for every Ravens home game. During away games, she cheers on her favorite team at the home of her Ravens Roost 44, The Greene Turtle.

Ms. Marlyn dyes her short, curly white hair purple each Sunday and her Montego Bay home is a shrine to the Ravens. Recently she had surgery to replace a heart valve. Just days after this major surgery she insisted on watching the Ravens take on the Chiefs. The hospital staff obliged.

As she prepared to end her stay at St. Joseph's Hospital, her doctor encouraged Ms. Mar to set a goal to be back on her feet and up and about on her own. She picked New Year's Eve for two reasons: First, it will be her 70th birthday and secondly and clearly more important to Ms. Mar, she wants to be at M&T Bank Stadium for the Ravens' regular season finale against the Bills.

While this story may be inspiring and heart warming (no pun intended), it isn't the wildest story. But it does help to paint a picture about this slight woman's devotion to the Ravens -- a devotion clearly evident back on September 30, 2002.

On that day the Ravens hosted the Denver Broncos on Monday night. The Ravens entered the game winless and as underdogs against the then undefeated Broncos. The Ravens controlled the game almost throughout the contest and won 34-23.

However as the Broncos tried to mount a comeback, they were driving in the second half and they entered Ravens' territory. Brian Griese went back to pass and was pursued by Michael McCrary. The ball came loose and the Ravens recovered an apparent fumble. On the field there was confusion amongst the officials. Most in attendance believed that the Ravens would either take possession or that the officials would rule Griese down by contact and give McCrary a sack.

As the officials privately debated the call, little Ms. Mar screamed passionately at the striped-dress men. To her it was clearly a fumble and she vehemently stated her case. In fact her argument was so vigorous that her dentures dislodged and flew from her mouth like a mouthpiece after a vicious hit.

Ms. Mar went down on all fours and searched all around the stadium floor for her choppers. Once she located them, she poured some of her Coors Light on the dentures to clean them, popped them back in and continued to chastise the referee after he determined that the play was neither a fumble or a sack but an incomplete pass.

Those around Ms. Mar initially held back their laughter out of respect but at the end of the night, they witnessed an event that they will likely never see again and an upset win by the home town team on a memorable edition of Monday Night Football.