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    Re: Ravens Pro Bowlers

    Suggs going as an LB over Scott is just lunacy, Suggs is even listed as a DE on so why he's in the OLB votes I have no idea.

    Gregg not going is lunacy and also down to the NFL for some reason putting 3-4 DEs in with DTs this year, considering the OLBs who get the most votes a 3-4 rush guys then why not give the 3-4 ends their due respect.

    Pryce should be there over Burgess, sure Burgess is a better outside rusher, but he can't touch Pryce in terms of his all-round game.

    For my money Ray's lucky to be an alternate really, sure's he's been perfectly decent but there are other MLBs who are running about and covering the field far better than Ray this year, Ray's not needed to be at his best because Bart and AD have been, but guys like DeMeco Ryans and others have been better than Ray this year.

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    Re: Ravens Pro Bowlers

    What is funny to me is this...

    Let's say Pryce gets 3 or 4 sacks in the last 2 weeks to lead the NFL. It's a long shot, but he's 1.5 behind Schoebel and .5 behind 3 others. Then examine DPOY:
    1. The Ravens have by far the best defense in the NFL, particularly when penalties and turnovers are added in (428 less Pen yards than Chicago, 234 less than Miami).
    2. There should be a very heavy sentiment to give the award to a Raven.
    3. It's been a very balanced team effort with many players complimenting each other. The supporting cast on the Ravens is astounding:
    --Ngata (many long ramblings in my D-Line posts that I won't repeat here) having perhaps the best "platoon" season in the NFL. His yards per play defensively lead the Ravens.
    --Landry has stepped up as a rookie with a good tackle total, 4 int's and 2 sacks.
    --Ray has really been a support player and leader this season rather than the primary playmaker. That's not bashing and I think it's great he can force the run outside.
    --Finally, Cory Ivy has got to be the best nickel I've seen this year, and is the Ravens best corner since Bailey in 2000. Bailey was always around the football, and his value was apparent in the dark years of Carnell Lake and Dale Carter that followed. Even Deion could not match Bailey's intensity and playmaking skills. Chad Williams was terrific as a Dime, but Ivy is really something special.
    4. The Ravens have a spate of Playmakers, each of whom could have piled up even better stats had they been cut loose:
    --Thomas has 10.5 sacks, but he only rushes the QB on about 40% of pass plays. In fact, his decoying has significantly increased the productivity of others in that respect. With a mix of duties, he's been held to just 76 tackles, which also is not going to get it done for DPOY. Kinda like asking Roger Clemens to start half the time and act as your closer half thetime. He'd help you, but would not generate the eye-popping numbers.
    --Suggs rushes the passer about 85% of passing plays, but his stats also suffer from not being a specialist in anything. Greatly improved vs. the run, he can also sniff out a screen play like I never thought he could when he was a 1-dimensional pass rush threat in 2003. He is 5th in PD's (6), 10th in tackles (58), and 8th in FF's (3). His off year in sacks (8) is still 13th best among NFL DL's.
    --Scott has been terrific with 93 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 8 PD's, and 2 INT's. The final 3 numbers are all in the top 7 for NFL linebackers. The tackles totals for all Ravens suffer about 10% shrinkage due to the reduced number of plays (819 against is the fewest in the NFL), few runs (23.9 rushes per game is 3rd lowest. and very low completion % against (55.6%, 2nd). Simply put, there are not that many tackles to go around, and a mess of great players are sharing them.
    --Gregg has had a tremendously productive year at DT. Only Vonnie Holliday, who is the bigegst Pro Bowl snub in the NFL is having a better year for piling up tackles (Holliday also has 7 sacks. How the hell did that guy miss the pro bowl playing DT?).
    5. Back to Pryce. He's the Ravens obvious candidate for DPOY if he can take the sack crown.
    --He's our only real specialist on the entire defense.
    --Has done his job very well
    --Has been the biggest upgrade to one of the great defenses of the decade.
    --His sack totals have been held down some by the fact that he lines up on the inside a fair amount
    --He's got the game-winning block in Tenn for bonus highlight footage to go with the award announcement
    --He is one of the disciplined cornerstones in keeping the NFL's least penalized defense just that

    The media may have decided the award was going to Urlacher in week 3, but I hope they realize we've got the man right here and vote him the award despite the Pro Bowl snub. It's OK to be wrong if you admit it. TO proved that.

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    Re: Ravens Pro Bowlers

    Thanks Filmstudy!!! We are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL! Tagliabue is even gone and we still get NO RESPECT!!

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    Re: Ravens Pro Bowlers

    PS - I don't think it's "obvious" Merriman was juiced. I actually think the seems obvious to me he wasn't, in the same way it seems obvious Ray Lewis didn't murder anyone.
    Dude, I have no idea why are you bringing Ray Lewis into this or what your problem is. The guy was deemed a cheater by the league and suspended 4 games for it. That means he was cheating during the first part of the season and thus his season is in question. He should not be considered for any honors or awards.


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