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    Re: Palin's unmarried, teenage daughter pregnant

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fanatic View Post
    I got a bigger problem with a president doinking some Ho in the oval office with a cigar then I do a perspective VP candidates daughter being pregnant.
    ahhhh....never mind.

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    Re: Palin's unmarried, teenage daughter pregnant

    All this stuff on the news is just to try and make you forget that the other guy is a radically extreme socialist, racist un american Senator that has done exactly nothing but win a primary.
    Oh yeha, vote for change, and have a VP that has been in the system for 30 years and voted for the war. And don't forget, Obama is going to fund all of his social handouts only by taxing the rich. he is Robin Hood, the Easter Bunny and Chris Cringle all in one. OH yeah, one more thing. BY this time next year cars will move and houses will warm and cool with magic pixie dust. We won't need that oil stuff.


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