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    Guys, if you have the Falcons game recorded, go back and watch the Ravens first 4 series and isolate on Jared Gaither. He was an absolute beast tonight both as a pass and run blocker. To summarize:

    On 9 running plays, the Ravens ran 8 times to the left (the Gamebook has 1 incorrectly labeled) for 38 yards and once to the right for 3 yards.

    On 14 pass plays, Gaither did not allow a sack, QB hit, nor was he penalized. Aside from 3 plays of note, he stonewalled his opponent each time:

    -- On one very slow developing play, he was close to allowing a QH on an outside rush, but Jackson got there first as Flacco threw incomplete.
    -- On another play, he had no one to block as the other 5 blockers picked up a 5-man blitz
    -- He once blocked Abraham low, but whiffed and stumbled to his knees, as the veteran stepped backwards to avoid it. However, Flacco threw inclomplete (deflected at the line by Jackson ) long before Abraham could get pressure.

    On the 23 plays, he pancaked his man 3 times.

    His blocking assignments by play were:
    Abraham 8 times
    Davis 10 times
    Boley twice
    Wire once (I may have missed the number, but it looked like 52)
    Babineaux once

    Abraham left the game early in the 2nd quarter, and he looked tired despite taking a series off.

    On the running plays, Gaither got excellent push and to either theleft or right as needed. The fact that the runs came left was no doubt part design, but I think it was also that Rice found the hole there on most of his carries.

    Just an outstanding game for #71.

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    Re: Gaither

    Great work Filmstudy, obviously with the problem of getting games across the Atlantic I don't get the chance to do work on pre-season games but that is really positive, thanks for that.

    As for the gamebook getting a POA wrong, that's the least of their worries, whilst you're doing your work again this year look out for and have a chuckle at how many times they give tackles to players who aren't even on the field. It's always fun when I'm analysing games for seeing players walking off of the sideline and being credited for a tackle. :D

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    Re: Gaither

    I heard that both he and Terry started to gel a bit throughout the game. This is EXTREMELY good news. Probably spells the end for Chad Slaughter as a Raven, though I'm sure we'll have him on speed dial, just in case...

    To come back this quickly from a month long ankle injury would show that the kid did rehab well and keep up with any practicing he could while not able to fully go at it. So that work ethic problem might be gone...I would credit Matsko, who chewed him out when he showed up late for his rehab treatment one morning.
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    Re: Gaither

    I thought the OL was good overall as a unit. I saw a little promise last night with the OL.

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    Re: Gaither

    The OL looked the best they have all pre-season. The QB's seemed to have some extra wiggle room in the pocket. Sometimes they were overly confident in the line and held the ball too long, but they looked decent. Better than ATL's line looked. Especially when B.A. destroyed Joey Harrington.
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    Re: Gaither

    Thanks, Filmstudy. Welcome back!

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    Re: Gaither

    It's great to hear from people who actually pay attention to the game and understand what they see. Sports talk radio is almost becoming un-listenable because of the idiots who just like to hear themselves talk.

    Great job and thanks for doing that for us.

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    Re: Gaither

    Thanks for that Filmstudy!! Great to hear Gaither's looking great.:ww:

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    Re: Gaither

    If Gaither can play even at 80% of Ogden's level, this OL will be fairly solid...

    - C -

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    Re: Gaither

    He looks like he has been in the gym as well. His arms and shoulders are much more defined. His mid section looked like a solid barrel, and his legs did not look nearly as spindly as they did at the start of last year.

    Terry also handled his man with relative ease.

    The O line may actually be the strength of the team a lot sooner than even the most optimistic, concord grape juice sipping fanatics predicted.

    Work ethic, motivation, discipline and unity seem to be the mantras of Harbaugh, and from what I have seen so far, it is taking, big time.

    Where have the dumb penalties been? Even Slaughter has not been flagged for flinching as far as I can remember.

    The Ravens may really sneak up and smack down the division this year if the O line plays like that, almost no matter what else happens. Just about everything that could go wrong did last year, but the Ravens were competitive despite juggling the lineup every week.

    It all starts up front. We can talk all day every day about the Qb and WRs, but without 5 reliable linemen they can't do much. It is looking like we are holding a very talented top 5, and 3 or 4 servicable, versatile reserves.

    Slaughter played well but is cut. He should stay in shape though because I would rather play him than Cousins, but can't expose him to the wire.

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    Re: Gaither

    I was one who was a little confused as to why everyone during the offseason was upset that we had a bad O-Line. The Ravens said during the offseason that last night's lineup (Gaither, Grubbs, Brown, Yanda, Terry) was the project starting lineup. Gaither is the only one who you could really say we didn't know how he was going to play. Grubbs and Brown showed last year that they are very good. Yanda played well enough last year as a Rookie to show me that he would be OK moving over to Guard. In fact, he should be even better a Guard than he was a Tackle. Finally, we know what we have with Terry. He is not an All-Pro but he is not below average.

    Unfortunately Gaither and Terry were hurt the first 3 games hence the inconsistency of the O-Line. But last night shows that our O-Line could be pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeahravens View Post
    It's great to hear from people who actually pay attention to the game and understand what they see. Sports talk radio is almost becoming un-listenable because of the idiots who just like to hear themselves talk.

    Great job and thanks for doing that for us.


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