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    Re: John Clayton on McNair's outlook for PIT

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    Not playing like they did tonight will they beat Denver.

    This year has been so crazy week to week that a team that nobody thought would win out probably will and a team that nobody thought would lose out probably will.

    Regardless, I can go back to being a Bengal-hater and Miami fan #1 for a couple weeks.

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    Re: John Clayton on McNair's outlook for PIT

    I realized that the problem with the scenarios where we could maybe rest McNair if the PIT and/or BUF games are meaningless is the following: We won't know ahead of time whether they're meaningless. Obviously the PIT game is not meaningless. And unless the BUF game is moved to the night slot on New Years Eve, we won't know at gametime whether the outcome of that game has a chance to improve our seeding.

    The chance for a bye is diminished by the Colts winning tonight, but there's still a reasonable chance they could lose to the Dolphins, which would give us the #2. So we have to play to win out and not rest McNair and other starters unless we have a big lead (17 or more) in the 2nd half of these games. We can't write off the bye. Plus, as Billick said, you want momentum going into the playoffs.


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