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  1. Re: Tailgating at the Wembley game?!

    Just a wee note to say hope you all have fun etc on Sunday. I'll be working at the time. Will hopefully make it next year, I'm right in saying there is a next year's game aren't I? Wish I could have made it this year but I've got too much on with work at the moment and unfortunately things like this have to take priority as I try and get a steady future sorted for me and Katie. Though if work continues to go as well as it has been recently then that may happen sooner rather than later. Anyway, I'm rambling now, enjoy the game guys!!

    And lets get a UKRaven meet up sorted for a game next season. You're all more than welcome if you can make the trip to Paisley - there's not much floor space but I can fit everyone somewhere.

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    Re: Tailgating at the Wembley game?!

    And there you have it!!! Two teams putting up 30+ points is always easy on the eyes (unlike the yawner last year). The down side is you missed Troy to Joe.
    Was there a big difference from last year and this year? Did it seem like a lot of Americaners made the trip?

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    Re: Tailgating at the Wembley game?!

    Lots of Saints fans made the trip over this year, I think they sold their full allocation of tickets this year and apparently the Chargers sent a good couple of thousand over as well, there was certainly a good number of them wandering around London today when I was still down there.

    Missed my last train back to Ware (11pm the last train leaves, what a joke) so ended up sleeping on an air bed in a friend's kitchen and finally got back to Ware at gone three this afternoon. :D

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    Re: Tailgating at the Wembley game?!

    Game was good fun. Spotted about 12 or so Ravens at the Tailgate and said hi to a few.


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