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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 15)

    So far he at least looks better than Sams' predecessor-who-shall-not-be-named.
    You mean Lamont "even dropped the groceries" Brightful? ROFL

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 15)

    I guess the spec teams are trying extra hard to help CRoss out. at least he has a couple more games to get more comfortable before Festivus.
    Koch...Weapon of Maximum Distance? W of Major Disruption?

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 15)

    We need a better punt returner -- expect Clayton or Reed in the playoffs ; its too important to be subpar.

    Biggest concerns at this point -- preventing the special teams from tanking (we used to be #3 in the rating pre BJ injury) and still getting the running game on track.

    Check out our yards / carry on the run -- we are at the bottom of the league -- second to last.

    Hopefully, we can turbocharge Jamal's tank through the playoffs but unfortunately for him, he's starting to look more like Earl Campbell every day. LT only came a year or 2 later into the league. Its amazing that marcus allen played as long as he did.


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