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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    The most hilarious part of this whole thing is I haven't seen anyone say Kyle Boller sucks or he was horrible.

    He played a decent game at home vs the Browns.

    Some of us don't think he's good enough to lead us to victory in the playoffs.

    Stinger said

    "What more do you want from your backup QB?"

    My answer is nothing.

    He's a backup. What he did today is fine.

    I just don't want him in when we're in a do or die situation in the playoffs.

    What is so difficult to understand about that? And furthermore, why does it cause certain posters to freak out and start accusing others of wanting the Ravens to lose with Boller.

    I'd certainly like "proof" of that.


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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    An excellent summation of the reasoning behind my disdain for these... people...

    Say Boller has a good game and the response is, "Well take away his 77 yard TD pass".

    If you don't think Boller is a good QB, that's fine. I've never said he was and still don't know if he will be. Give him credit when he does something good though just like you would/should any other player.

    It's the people like Trap and PR who bash the guy no matter how he plays that make us question their loyalty.

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    PP I also answered your question in the other thread about would I be ok with Boller in the playoffs. If the playoffs are here in Baltimore, Boller's home record clearly shows he could win here. On the road, who knows but the odds aren't in his favor. Of course, if we have to go to San Diego, I am not counting on many teams anyway. I want them to come here.

    Excellent synopsis by Mike Preston on Boller.
    Tell you what, PR. You take Preston. Lewis had a 100 yard day and a touchdown and Preston gave HIM a C+ too.

    I'll take Boller's teammates:
    Quote Originally Posted by Derrick Mason
    "He has played in this league long enough. He has seen enough. We're all going to make a few mistakes here and there, but when it's all said and done, Kyle is going to make a play for us with his arm or either tucking it down and running. I'm proud of what he did today."
    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor Pryce
    "The person I am most proud of today is Kyle. When he hit those plays, it makes me feel good for him because I know the adversity he went through."
    You can have Preston.
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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    I can't believe I'm saying this --- but it's true!

    What ever you're smoking I'll take some. Either that or you are seriously F'd up in the head!

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    Can everybody please just quit quoting El Lardo?

    That guy brings down my Festivus Cheer.

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    Wow!!! Looks like the Madness has restarted.

    Why do we need these types of threads anymore?

    McNair is our current starter, and Boller is a great backup.

    Boller may or may NOT be our future.

    Lets see Boller win a meaningful game on the road before we label him our future. For every good game Boller has, a bad game is Forgotten.

    Must we still have these Boller/McNair factions?

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    There are no McNair/Boller factions. Everybody thinks McNair should remain the starter.

    Some of us are just curious to see what Boller can do with a good QB to learn from and an offensive system that hasn't proven to be a QB killer in the past.

    The others hate Boller and will bash him no matter how well he plays.

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    That's just it Heap86. The only ones still in some "faction" are the ones spending this evening taking everything Kyle did today and pissing on it.

    McNair is the starter. McNair is the one that led us to this point. He's the one that's going to lead us through the playoffs. No one is disputing that.

    Seems to me as far as me, Darb, most of the other people here, Billick, Neuheisal, Mason, Clayton, Trevor Pryce, and others believe is that we have two QB's on this roster who have the ability to get us to Miami. McNair is the guy. Between the two of them, he gives us the best chance. But if we have to play a home playoff game, I'm not pissing in my pants if Boller has to play it. On the road? Yeah, I'm nervous.

    Boller had to step in today and play the game that clenched us the playoffs. He did just that. But all of a sudden once again it's, "well he played the worst team in the league", or "Hey, take away his 2 touchdown passes and he had a horrible game.", and all the marginalizing that goes along with the typical Kyle Boller post-game critique.

    That's what this arguement is about right now. No one is challenging Steve McNair here. That thought never even crossed my mind.

    Some of us are just curious to see what Boller can do with a good QB to learn from and an offensive system that hasn't proven to be a QB killer in the past.
    Listen to Kyle's post-game presser on the website. He talks about what it means to have McNair here helping him. He also mentioned watching McNair set up that same throw to Williams early in the game, and it helped him to watch what to look for on the TD pass. And remember right before that throw, Boller actually shifted IN THE POCKET. Maybe McNair is really helping him on the field.

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    Points on which all Ravens fans should be able to agree today:

    (1) Boller did more than well enough to put us in a position to win and clinch a playoff berth.

    (2) The game was too close for comfort for too long against a bad team at home, and part of that was due to Boller's clumsiness and mistakes, and part to the defense being off their game on a few drives and part to the other injuries.

    (3) Any reasonable person would feel much more confident about our remaining regular season games and the playoffs if/when Steve is back compared to if Kyle is the starter. He is, after all, the backup.

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    McNair is the starter.

    But I only think he has one more year in him. I actually have that feeling from a lot of our vets.

    Going into '08, this will be a younger team with guys like Heap, Ed Reed, Clayton, becoming the "veterans" of this team.

    The question is whether or not Boller will be their QB.

    The haters will spit the same shit that "anyone is better than Boller" or "McNair can play for 4 more years" but both those statements are so indicative of the extremism.

    Boller can be our future, and I think he will be. I dont think Ozzie will find it better to sign another FA QB or draft a new QB rather than start Boller when McNair's time here is done.

    Today, Boller hit some amazing plays. He also made a few mistakes. But all QBs do that.

    McNair can fumble it away, throw bad passes, and get a mulligan. Kyle gets shat on.

    Its funny because Preston said in his last article he's never seen a QB get away with so many bad passes as McNair has. But the minute Kyle gets in and makes 2 mistakes, the guy is a bum and we see why McNair is a gift from the gods.

    Count me as someone who is happy McNair is our starter. But also count me as someone who doesn't think we'd be 6-10 without him. The defense and run game are our bread and butter, and we wouldn't have won the 1st 6 games without them. Only recently has the offense come alive, and I atrribute a lot of that to Billick's playcalling, not stellar play from McNair.

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    OK darb. If you feel comfortable with your QB tripping and stumbling in a playoff game against a quality team, then fine. I am not. I gave Boller credit for the good throws and plays he made, but he is still a freaking spaz at times and it's just more of what we've seen for the past 3 years. Remember the reason we spent all that money to bring McNair in?

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    Re: Kyle Boller is our Future!

    Dang it Dave, quit talking about what Tubbs McFatty said.

    If you feel comfortable with your QB tripping and stumbling in a playoff game against a quality team, then fine.
    I feel comfortable with Boller at the helm at home, no matter who we play.
    but he is still a freaking spaz at times and it's just more of what we've seen for the past 3 years.
    And he probably will always be. Nobody is saying he doesn't need to calm down, but he's looked a lot calmer this year than in the past.


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