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    Experts or Over-paid ex-athletes and non-athletes?

    Much has been said regarding this week's 3 point underdog line and in general the lack of respect "experts" or "pundits" in the national media have given this Ravens team on a weekly basis. I am wondering if anyone on here has a top 3 or even ONE NFL writer they read or follow on a weekly basis that is somewhat in tune with what is going on. I am just a little sick of the one week this, next week that....We have seen it with Romo, Vick, and Rex all either being under-rated, over-rated, about to be benched, about to be a Pro-Bowler, etx.

    Personally, I love Bill Simmons, but even he has shown zero respect for the Ravens. One guy who loves our team and states cold hard facts about us is ESPN's Mike Irving.

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    Re: Experts or Over-paid ex-athletes and non-athletes?

    Michael Irvin is the only one on I have heard really pimp the Ravens this season. I am not going to say I like him because of that, but it is what it is. Baltimore is not a popular city to anyone save for "Baltimorons." This is why:

    1. We are scrutinized as the city that stole "Cleveland's team."

    2. Indy is never scrutinized for taking in a team stolen from Baltimore.

    3. The Colts history in Baltimore is now tied to Indy. The NFL could care less how ex-Baltimore Colt fans feel about that. While I was never a Baltimore Colt fan, I could imagine how they feel. It would as if the Ravens leaving in 30 years and this history is suddenly tied to that particular city.

    4. Why no one (outside of Baltimore) really cares about the demise of a once proud Baltimore Orioles franchise. (Okay I went off of football there, but the example still helps to illustrate my point).

    5. We are a city no athlete really wants to come to unless (A) any of our teams are winning franchises, (B) We offer a player the most money, or (C) that player is from this area (save for Brian Jordan, who claims Atlanta despite being born and raised in Randallstown area).

    Baltimore is the town between Philly and DC.

    Baltimore is the crime capital of the United States.

    There really is not much to love about Baltimore except for Maryland steamed crabs, and not everyone eats crabs. It is what it is.

    All of that to say that don't ever look for much media love for the Ravens unless the media is forced to talk about us. How can we force that? Easy. Win the SuperBowl!
    It's a new season! It's a new day!


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