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    Mostly Shotgun Snaps for McNair?

    Did anyone else hear that Billick says we might use more / mostly shotgun snaps for McNair next week to take it easy on his hand?

    Does this bother anyone else but me?

    It strikes me that if McNair's hand is cut / injured enough to want to change the gameplan for him, why not just rest him?

    If we gotta go on the road in the playoffs, I'd rather it be with McNair than Boller, and thats no offense to Boller as i'm sure most would know I'm pro-boller, but his main weakness is on the road.

    If McNair is hurt enough to want to switch to the shotgun primarily, why not just rest him?

    Additionally, how would mostly shotgun snaps affect our run game?

    Jamal was just getting back into whack, but I dont think he'll be effective without a fullback the entire time or from draws out of the shogun.


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    Re: Mostly Shotgun Snaps for McNair?

    He said it would more shotgun snaps during practice, not the game. He doesn't want to irritate the hand in practice.

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    Wink Re: Mostly Shotgun Snaps for McNair?

    I'd sooner go with McNair, at least for awhile. I'll take the vet's experience and trust Billick's judgement for at least a few series - Billick sees him in practice; you & I do not. If he shows too much of an impact, however, bench him. Boller is playing better now anyway, albeit at home.
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    Re: Mostly Shotgun Snaps for McNair?

    didn't know it was just in practice. If thats the case, thats a big relief.

    I dont want McNair's hand still bleeding or hurt going into the playoffs.

    Has anyone else seen Jeff Garcia's hand? Is taht thing going to get amputated at the seasons end? Looks horrible. I wouldn't wish that on McNair.


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