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    Re: NFL to play up to 2 games/year outside USA

    Well, since several people have mentioned that it only equates to losing 1 home game every 16 years, why even bother in the first place? All it will end up doing is messing up OUR league for no reason whatsoever. If they're so keen on US football in Europe to begin with, then let them start their own leagues, get it to a high level FIRST, then, maybe once they've got that going, have a sort of "super super bowl", with THEIR super bowl winner playing OUR super bowl winner. THAT might actually make sense. This is pure nonsense.

    GO RAVENS!!!

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    Exclamation Re: NFL to play up to 2 games/year outside USA

    I love the idea that the NFL is going worldwide. So you lose a home game. Get a passport and go see a different part of the world if it gets to you that much. It's really not that hard or that expensive. As another poster said, the flight to Europe is not too much worse than the flight to California. I've done both many ... many times. Both flights suck but at the end of the day travelling has it's perks. Bratwurst or Jaegerschnitzel in Germany; Mozarella di Bufala in Italy and don't forget the capacino.

    It's selfish to think that only US citizens can play in the NFL. Take a peek at the NBA makeup currently.

    The implications reach much farther than the game. Politically, this is a fantastic way to reach out and show that we're about more than just 'shock and awe'.

    Before you knee jerk and flame this email. Understand that I'm in a unique position to make this observation. I'm a front line combat vet of Persian Gulf 1 and a former US Paratrooper in the Airborne Field Artillery.

    The NFL is strengthened in making this move.
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    Re: NFL to play up to 2 games/year outside USA

    Baloney. Selfish to think the NFL should only be played in the US? It's ludicrous to think we owe ANYBODY else ANYTHING when it comes to the NFL. If anyone is that interested in watching USA NFL football, let THEM buy the plane tickets and come HERE to watch it, if it's so inexpensive. Otherwise, let Europe develop its own teams FIRST. Then there'd be something to even talk about. As it currently stands, there's nothing to even talk about, IMO.

    And whether or not you're a vet is irrelevant to this discussion. We're talking about football, not war or politics. You want sports to serve as some sort of "message", support the Olympics, and leave the NFL out of it.

    GO RAVENS!!!

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    Re: NFL to play up to 2 games/year outside USA

    I see your point, enjoy your postings.

    The NFL is showing some outreach to people outside of the US by making this decision. I like the decision.


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