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    Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    I just saw this on Preston's blog, Daniels and Burgess were not just IR-ed!

    Two of those players who were placed on injured reserve yesterday -- linebacker Prescott Burgess (broken left wrist) and running back P.J. Daniels (separated shoulder) -- were injury-waived, which means they are no longer members of the team.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    Daniels did not suprise me, but I was pretty surprised to hear about Burgess. I was sure Burgess would be IR'd.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    couple thoughts...

    1. Who was the third person IR'ed yesterday? The way Preston worded it, sounds like 3 people were IR'ed, but all I heard about was Justin Green getting cut.

    2. This probably means Burgess feels like he can play again this year, so he probably asked for an injury settlement so he could try to catch on with another team.

    3. Sad to see Burgess go, but at the same time, we're not hurting for young promising LBs. Barnes, Jameel McClain (who maybe makes this squad now), Gooden are just a few of the other young LBs who we expect to have a long term impact at LB. It was a numbers crunch, and that may also happen to McClain.
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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    I'm surprised by the move with Burgess. We may be looking for up ot three new starting LBers next year. I thought the combination of Burgess/Gooden would cover for Scott, and Greisen/McClain could cover for Ray/Ray and Barnes/Jones for Suggs, though if we lose aqll three, it's pretty fair to say our D will take a step back...

    I guess Burgess is simply out of that equation.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    The release of Burgess is a little surprising. As someone said, he probably didn't want to be put on IR, and the Ravens released him instead.

    I'm not too worried about it, though, b/c if there's one thing that Ozzie can do it's drafting LBs.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    Quote Originally Posted by jonboy79 View Post
    We may be looking for up ot three new starting LBers next year.
    No chance. Johnson at the least will be back.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    Quote Originally Posted by psuasskicker View Post
    No chance. Johnson at the least will be back.

    - C -
    I agree... but we play 4 LBers...
    And to be honest, I'd be VERY surprised if all three of Lewis, Scott and Suggs left. In fact, at this moment, I think Lewis will be the only one to stay. I think when all us said and done, he will take an only mildly ridiculous deal, and that is something the Raven's would be willing to do. Maybe a Lance Briggs deal.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    To answer the question as to who was the third guy IR-ed when the original report on Daniels and Burgess came out, no one - he said I believe there was a third roster move. Lee Vickers TE was released.

    As for Burgess, we are very deep this year at LB, and you can't keep everyone. I too think now that Burgess wanted out to see if he could get a job somewhere. Think about it - Ravens are deep this year, could need help at LB next year with Scott, Lewis, and Suggs potentially at the end of contracts at the end of this season. Burgess breaks his wrist, great - IR him. Burgess OTOH, knows that a broken wrist may keep him out 4-6 weeks - meaning he is playing in week 3-5. Why should he sit out a whole year?

    Look at the legit guys we have at LB this year, which is why they had no place for him other than IR:

    Ray Lewis
    Bart Scott
    Terrell Suggs
    Jarrett Johnson
    Antwan Barnes
    Tavares Gooden
    Brendon Ayanbadejo
    Dan Cody
    Edgar Jones
    Nick Greisen
    Gary Stills
    Jameel McClain

    that's 12...some are ST guys to be sure, but consider even with our LBs helping a lot on ST we have never carried more than 9 on the 53 man roster, and that was last year. So there just wasn't room for an injured LB on the roster...

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    Dan Cody is a legit LB?

    When did this happen?

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    Will Dan Cody play 1 snap this year? But yeah, that is some quality depth.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    I'm glad Daniels was cut. It seemed like he was here forever and didn't contribute a thing.

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    Re: Daniels, Burgess not coming back

    Surprised me also.
    But he has a broken wrist right? So a very low probability of getting picked up by another team at least through training camp... not able to learn a system ahead of time, so no 'evaluation' pre-season by others.
    Then (healed) he joins the veterans that were last roster cuts, and waits and hopes. As teams get injuries at that position, Burgess will have his chances to be picked up but his odds I don't see as anywhere near a lock.

    The only real concern is injurys on the Clowns, cause Savage seems to like our discards


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