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    I'm trying to get my thoughts straight about injuries.
    While our OL is a definite concern, how much of the rest is smoke and mirrors?
    Every team that I know of has injuries. Watched the GB game last night and looked like the number of players not suited up was pretty huge when both rosters were considered.

    There is a twist going on this year (80 man roster), that is making it convenient to PUP players in order to have more bodies available. So that is part of the smoke... if it were regular season, I really think the team lists would be a lot smaller.... PUP players really becoming "probable".
    So that is one reason I'm not in a general high state of concern.

    A broken hand letting us squirrel someone away till next year when there are some starting LB decisions pending? Looks smart to me, thats 'mirrors'

    We've been around long enough to know injuries are part of the game. Washington's OL losing Janssen and Thomas early last year (just to use a non-Ravens example... we had problems there too). And the irsay's Bob Sanders.... Polamalou... as examples of secondary glue (again avoiding the obvious Raven examples there).

    Bottom line for me is only concern for our OT position, especially Gaither...depending on how high up the leg that bone separation happened, it could be a problem all season, and no real back-up like he was for JO last year. Back-up has got to come from line-juggling or waiver wire.

    Are others feeling the same? that there is more injury "hype" this year but the reality is pretty close to the same as every other year league-wide?

    Looks to me like we have adequate depth everywhere except OT/TE and now FB.

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    Re: Injuries

    Bumps and bruises always get a lot of press when it's the pre-season.

    However, I do think the O line is a concern, especially at tackle. I dont think its the crisis the MSM is making it out to be, but definitely a concern.

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    Re: Injuries

    I think the interior line has real potential; however, the O-tackles are a REAL concern for me...real problem area that really puts our season in jeopardy!

    But as long as we beat the Steelers, I'll be happy!
    "Grab those pusillanimous sons-a-bitches by the nose and kick 'em in the balls.." General George S. Patton

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    The blindside tackle situation skeers the living daylights out of me And it probably skeers the daylights out of coach Harbaugh and coach Cameron too ...Therefore, being a brilliant offensive coach, I believe Cam Cameron will use many different mass-protection schemes in passing plays until we get our tackle situation rectified...just a hunch ;) I just hope McGahee, Price, McClain, Heap and Wilcox doen't miss their asignments and I'm sure our QB's hope they don't either


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