This is a question that has come up as I've watched the Ravens play not only this year, but in previous years as well. Not only do the Ravens rarely run screens, but when they do, they seem to have all the grace of those "end around" fiascos we run from time to time.

There is an art to drawing up and executing a timely screen play, but that art seems to be lost to the Ravens. With all the other short, "garbage" passing formations we use (i.e. curls to the backs thrown behind the line of scrimmage, etc.) why not incorporate the screen? It's perfect when D-Lineman get to the point where they're frustrated, and pin their ears back and try to blast through the line. What better way to frustrate them even more than to LET them through -- like releasing water from behind a damn -- and ALMOST get to the QB...right before the QB dumps the ball off to the back or receiver packed in behind a wedge of blockers?