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    Wild Card Weekend

    Does anybody know how they select the games for Wild Card Weekend? Since NBC is doing the Saturday Games, do they get the first chance to pick the games they want? (1 AFC, 1 NFC). As it stands now NBC has games at 4:30 and 8 on Wild Card Saturday. CBS has the 1 PM game on Sunday and Fox 4:30 Sunday.

    If we were to get the bye we might have a good idea of what day we would play in the divisonal round. If the Colts get the Saturday Game then we would play Saturday.

    The current matchups for Wild Cards are

    N.Y. Jets @ Indy
    Denver @ NE

    N.Y. Giants @ Philly
    Dallas @ Seattle

    The NY audience probably would be put in primetime (but they also have huge New England and Dallas followings). If the Jets and Giants both make it, I would say they would have them play on different days . These matchups could change (paticularly the NFC). So I guess we will have to wait until Sunday night to find out.

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    Re: Wild Card Weekend

    It's always one AFC on Sat and one NFC on Saturday. If the AFC is early on Sat then it's the late on Sun and vice versa. If Den was at home than it would be easy, they'd be late one day and Sea the other. Since NBC has the Sat games I've got to believe Fox is going to demand the NY Philly game for Sun so my prediction is Sat Den @ NE early and Dal @ Sea late which means that the NFC has to be the early on Sun so NY @ Phi at 12:30 and NYJ @ Ind at 4:00.
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    Re: Wild Card Weekend

    Hopefully, our first playoff game will be scheduled for Sunday and not Saturday. However, knowing the league, we will be scheduled for Saturday.

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    Re: Wild Card Weekend

    Our history on non-Sundays does not bode well. We are a Sunday team.
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    Re: Wild Card Weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by F Angelos View Post
    If Den was at home than it would be easy, they'd be late one day and Sea the other.
    They've been playing the early Saturday playoff games at 4:30 for a few years now, so it's still possible for a team from the west to host an early Saturday game. The only thing we know for sure is that they'd never give a western team an early Sunday game, as those are still at 1:00 for the first two rounds.

    As far as that opening round, if it is set up for Fox to get the late game on Sunday then it would likely leave the NFC game as the early one on Saturday. Both New England and the Colts are good national draws, so I'm guessng whichever one of them plays the Jets, assuming they get in, will be the late Saturday game. I don't think they'd let both NY teams play on the same day unless they absolutely have to, so I'm guessing that if the Giants make it, they'd be the Sunday Fox game, although I'm sure Fox would love to have the Cowboys. Then again, Giants and Eagles wouldn't be a bad draw for them, either.

    In the second round, it's Fox's turn to get the Saturday prime time game (count on that being the Bears), so the AFC games would be either 4:30 on Saturday or 4:30 on Sunday. So go from there to figure what will happen next.

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    Re: Wild Card Weekend

    The teams that win in the wild card round most likely will play on the same day the following week. So if the Colts win on wild card saturday they will play the following sat, etc. Either way the AFC Games for Divisonal weekend are 4:30 Saturday (early game) or 4:30 Sunday (late Game).

    The networks gotta love possibly having both NY teams, New England, Dallas, and Chicago in the playoffs this year.


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