All right, now it's my turn to look for help. I have to start three of the following five WRs this week:

Hines Ward (probable) @ Carolina
Derrick Mason (questionable) vs. Cleveland
Marty Booker @ Buffalo
Matt Jones @ Tennessee
Keyshawn Johnson vs. Pittsburgh

I'm leaning towards the first three. Ward is an automatic when healthy, which he appears to be. Mason's status worries me, and he hasn't been too productive all year, but I'm expecting a big game in all facets this week from our offense, and hopefully Mason can find the end zone. Booker has been hot the past few weeks, and while I'm not thrilled with Harrington on the road throwing to him, he seems better than my other choices. Matt Jones has been injured and inconsistent all year, and David Garrard isn't much of a passing QB. I'm expecting a lot of running against Tennessee after their success with the running game last week. And I don't know who Keyshawn's QB is going to be; with the Panthers nosediving, he doesn't seem like such a good play.

I'm looking to ride Tomlinson and the Baltimore defense for two weeks to the title, because the rest of my team is in shambles thanks to injuries and poor play. But I'd like to give myself the best possible shot here. Thoughts?