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    Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    I have to agree with PP here.

    Listen, I have seen Flacco in camp and I believe this guy has IT and he will finally solidify our QB position for the next ten to fifteen years. Flacco will have success at some level in the NFL.

    With that said, he does need to pull a Marino and just come out blazing from day one. Let Flacco grow and let this crappy OL get much better. The best case scenario is for Troy Smith to start the season. If Smith plays well, then he can stay in and get Flacco ready for 09.

    Getting back to Flacco, he will go through growing pains. He will throw INTs, and make poor decisions with the ball. It may take Flacco a year or two before he really blows up and he may do it right away (once he starts). The same can be said for Matt Ryan.

    I will say that before all is said and done, both Ryan and Flacco will be amongst the better QBs in the league.

    Lastly, Flacco is not a project QB as Boller was. Flacco had much success in college and is NFL ready. He just has to make a great adjustment than Ryan has to, but Flacco is no project. If you see him in practice, you'll see that Flacco know what he is doing at QB.
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    Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    Are we really gonna go down that road of believing what we see in training camp?

    You know, where Travis Taylor was a world beater and Kyle Boller looked great? Ron Johnson caught everything and Patrick Johnson was ready to break out?

    Did you have to remind me about Travis Taylor?

    On the original topic, I would not expect ANY rookie QB, regardless of draft position, to look that good in training camp. If he did, I would question that teams defense.


  3. Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    Honestly, thats not saying much. I dont think Matt Ryan is going to be a good QB in this league. But if Redman does win the job, I wish him the best of luck.

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    Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    great post purplerulz!!!!!i def. love what i am hearing about flacco.....

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    Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah W View Post
    This may just be yet another name on the long list of QB carrers Billick killed. Redman was left for dead after losing the "competion" with a bad looking rookie Boller. Perhaps he can play, was a solid 3rd round pick and should have gotten a little more of a look.
    The guy was hurt from the middle of 2002 on. It was clear in TC in 2003, to me at least, that he didn't have the same arm strength he had the prior year (And he never really had that strong of an arm to start with).

    He was signed or given a tryout by NE, Tenn and Cinncy after he left here, but never made any of those teams. No one else was interested.

    How anyone could conceivably blame that on Billick is beyond me......

    Redman was out of football, when Bobby Petrino - his old coach at Louisville - called to offer him a job, which was basically to help him teach his offense to the QBs.

    Redman ended up playing well and showing more arm strength than I ever remember. It's a great story for a good kid, but he's failures before that had nothing to do with Billick.

    Grback, Cunningham, McNair all came here off probowl type seasons or borderline HOF level carreers, and Brian succesfully choked the life out of all of them.
    Dilfer even looked much more productive as the starter in Seatle for that first season.
    Grbac was coming off of a Pro-Bowl season.

    Cunningham had been benched in 1999 and was the back-up in Dallas in 2000 before signing here to be the back-up in 2001. McNair had one of his worst seasons in 2005, the year before he arrived here.

    McNair is the only one who could be considered to be "borderline HOF level".

    Dilfer was horrible in TB before arriving here. He was signed by the Ravens in June of 2000 to be our back-up, after being released by TB in March. No one apparently felt he was good enough to start for them. Even after being a SB-winning QB, he wasn't signed by anyone to be their starter and only signed by Seattle as a back-up in June.

    Dilfer had 4 good games in Seattle (as you mentioned), but bombed the next year and again in Cleveland. He was pretty bad in SF last year.

    Again, what any of that would have to do with Billick is beyond me?
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    Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    Quote Originally Posted by B-more Ravor
    Again, what any of that would have to do with Billick is beyond me?
    Well said. I'm particularly amused at the notion that Billick "chocked the life" out of Randall Cunningham, who was here as a backup and played pretty well, as I recall. What exactly did Billick do to him?

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    Re: OT: Chris Redman out playing Matt Ryan

    Ryan will catch up only a matter of time.

    He has to understand the NFL better.


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