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    Some interesting stats

    From Aikman's column this week -- some revealing stats on how the 2006 defense really is one of the better defenses in the last decade and how it stacks up against the 2000 Ravens (not quite as good statistically) and the 02 buccaneer defense (better)

    "Barring a collapse against Buffalo this week (and Chicago had one in Week 17 last year against Minnesota), the Ravens will become the third defensive unit in 12 years to top the 90.0 mark in the Defensive AERs. The record of 101.0 by the 2000 Ravens appears safe, but this year's Baltimore team (at 92.8) is running ahead of the 2002 Buccaneers (91.6) for second place."

    And from the DVOA stats this week -- Ravens finally make it back to # 1 with the Chargers and the Pats closely behind. If the Ravens had a better running back this year and a healthy BJ Sams we would be well ahead of everyone. Unbelievable to see our offense is in the top 11 of the NFL!! Adding the vertical game with Demetrius Williams will help make up for Earl Campbell 2's low yards per carry. Billick has now realized this and is consistently setting up the run with the pass instead of vice versa.

    The lesson for the playoffs is to root for New England to go to San Diego -- if that scenario happens, I for one predict that they will beat the Chargers. And I think that we match up better against NE than the Chargers especially in a home field advantage for the AFC championship. And a victory over the Colts would be sweet.

    Neither Denver or the Jets will make it past the wild-card weekend; their production overall has been abysmal (18th and 21 in overall stats)

    BRING IT ON!!!

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    Re: Some interesting stats

    even tho the Broncs beat us a few weeks ago no one seems worried about them (I'm not). the Jets? bringem on. I wouldn't be surprised tall to see the Pats beat the Chargers in SD, which would allow us to host the AFC Champ (presuming we get by the Colts or whomever).
    then of course Miami for the NFC team (giggle!).


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