Who has a link to the research that supports this claim? Again RESEARCH and METHODOLOGY that substantiates this claim not an article written by Rush or the weather channel guy but actual research.

For example, here is a link to a research project that used several methods to conclude that the earth is getting warmer since 1970 and it also provides a plausible reason as to why it appeared to cool from 1940-1970.


The research is completed by NASA and cites references as recent as 2007 and it describes three different methodologies used to reach conclusions.

I am curious about this issue and want to find out why the answers are so conflicting. I am not interested in debating Al Gore etc. just does anyone have any real research supporting the claim of global cooling. Again that does not include articles from A.C., Rush, Hannity or any even Al Gore if it is not research based on a methodology clearly stated. Also try to avoid the temptation to carelessly google for an answer to just try to prove a point. I am talking about research on a graduate/professional school level.