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    Re: Ravens Pre-camp outlook

    3 III 3 III 3 III

    Early look at the bubble.
    I see about 50 spots pretty locked up and about 20 guys fighting for the remaining 3.

    D locks to solid.
    1. Chris McAlister
    2. Samari Rolle
    3. Fabian Washington
    4. Frank Walker
    5. Terrell Suggs
    6. Jarret Johnson
    7. Antwan Barnes
    8. Brendon Ayanbadejo
    9. Ray Lewis
    10. Bart Scott
    11. Tavares Gooden
    12. Nick Greisen
    13. Ed Reed
    14. Dawan Landry
    15. Tom Zbikowski
    16. Kelly Gregg
    17. Haloti Ngata
    18. Trevor Pryce
    19. Justin Bannan
    20. Dwan Edwards
    21. Haruki Nakamura
    22. Corey Ivy
    23. Gary Stills
    24. Jim Leonard
    25. Prescott Burgess
    26. Edgar Jones
    Bubble trouble.

    27. Dan Cody
    28. Lenny Walls
    29. Derrick Martin
    30. Ronnie Prude
    31. David Pittman
    32. Robert McCune
    33. Jameel McClain
    Amon Gordon, J'Vonne Parker, Kelly Talavou, Lorenzo Williams almost no chance.

    O locks and solid

    1. Todd Heap
    2. Daniel Wilcox
    3. Troy Smith
    4. Kyle Boller
    5. Joe Flacco
    6. G/C - Jason Brown
    7. G - Ben Grubbs
    8. G/T - Marshal Yanda
    9. G/C - Chris Chester
    10. Adam Terry
    11. Jared Gaither
    12. Oneil Cousins
    13. Derrick Mason
    14. Demetrius Williams
    15. Mark Clayton
    16. Yamon Figurs
    17. Marcus Smith
    18. RB Willis McGahee
    19. RB Ray Rice
    20. FB Le'Ron McClain
    21. RB Cory Ross
    22. FB Justin Green
    23. Lee Vickers
    24. P.J. Daniels

    25. G/T - David Hale
    26. G - Adrien Clarke
    27. RB Allen Patrick
    28. Justin Harper
    29. Patrick Carter
    30. Ernie Wheelwright
    31. Kerry Reed
    32. Mike Kracalik

  2. Re: Ravens Pre-camp outlook

    1. LB, WR, and DB. We've got alot of young talented guys at LB and unfortunatly not all of them can make the team. It will also be interesting to see if JJ can hold onto his spot on the field. WR is intriguing because if Clayton cant beat out Williams or Mason to be the #1 or #2 guy, we'll have to start rethinking the future of that position. Defensive back was our biggest weakness on defense last year, so in my opinion only one guys job is safe in the backfield and that Reed. We might see a youth movement come next season. Nakamura or Zbikowski could really push Landry for a starting safety spot and we might see Rolle pushed inside to nickle by Fabian Washington. Depending on how all those things check out this team could look very different then last year, which might not be a bad thing.

    2. D-Will. Wide recievers usually breakout during their third year and its a contract year for him, I believe. This is a make or break year for him and I think he'll step it up.

    3. Samari Rolle. He struggled at time in 06 and he couldnt stay healthy last year.

    4. Not a blessing in disguise but a blessing all around. I never wanted him here.

    5. We cant answer that right now because depending on how our new staff does we might not miss him at all. The players, mainly the vets, will miss being able to go home at night.

    6. I dont think he will. I think he only plays if Boller and Smith go down.

    7. Staying healthy. Its hard to truely evaluate how close the team is to a Superbowl because we havent seen them play together since late 2006.

    8. I am overly optimistic, so I wont go there.


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