Here we go again. Cheney is being called into question for wanting to delete 14 pages of the congressional testimony on effects of global warming:

"At a news conference, Boxer maintained that the heavy editing of the testimony given by CDC Director Julie Gerberding last fall was the first part of "a master plan" aimed at "covering up the real dangers of global warming and hiding the facts from the public."

Burnett declined to comment beyond what he described in the letter and said he didn't want to identify the people he had talked with in Cheney's office or elsewhere at the White House. "I'm not interested in pointing fingers at individuals," he said.",6850735.story

Not unlike James Hansen's assertions earlier in the year:

"the people in the White House didnít like emphasis on the non-CO2 parts of the story, and I justóthe press release just kept coming back, and I would try to change it, they would change it, and finally I gave up. I just couldnít get a press release through the way I wanted it."

I wonder why the White House won't let the folks doing the research publish their ideas as they see fit? Put the theories out there and let us as citizens derive our opinions. I become really uncomfortable and suspect when I read stories like this.

Global warming is a complicted issue as it is...I don't need people censoring opinions for me.

You can debate global warming as we have in other threads but it is becoming harder to debate that the current administration isn't trying to cover some things up.

1-20-2009 hopefully begins the process of restoring the dignity and pride of this country.