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is interesting reading, and I definitely don't want to show anybody up, but do want to add some correction.
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Status: Some true; some false.
As interesting of reading as the article is, the truth is just as interesting (and important in our Nation's History). I'll quote one blurb from the site, and leave it to anyone interested to go to the link and read the rest of the story.

John Hart's New Jersey farm was looted in the course of the Revolutionary War, and he did have to remain in hiding for a while afterwards. However, the claim that he was "driven from his [dying] wife's bedside" as his "13 children fled for his lives" is dramatic fiction. The British overran the area of New Jersey where he resided in late November of 1776, but his wife had already died on 8 October, and most of their children were adults by then. He also did not die "from exhaustion and a broken heart" a mere "few weeks" after emerging from hiding he was twice re-elected to the Continental Congress, served as Speaker of the New Jersey assembly, and invited the American army to encamp on his New Jersey farmland in June 1778 before succumbing to kidney stones in May 1779.