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    Anyone going to Cleveland...

    for the Nov. 2nd game? Just wondering if a group was heading out and where your seats are.

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    Wink Re: Anyone going to Cleveland...

    Every season I contemplate a Cleveland trip, but then return to my senses. This season the road schedule isn't particularly attractive outside of Texas or a Miami repeat, therefore Cleveland becomes more of a possibility. So I will put in a request via the Ravens TO and wait for a Southwest Ding fare to Cleveland or Columbus. If both materialize, I could show up, maybe (unless my wife books us on a cruise with satellite TV) ... but I won't know the seat location until a couple days before the game.
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    Re: Anyone going to Cleveland...


    Cleveland is one boring town to begin with. Im going to the 4 home games, the game here in Houston and the Dallas game.

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    Re: Anyone going to Cleveland...

    You Can Drive There In In Less Than 8 Hours From Baltimore. Its Also A Great Way To Visit The Hall Of Fame, Canton Is 6 1/2 Hours Away Go Early The Day Before , Spend The Night Near The Cleveland Airport Hotel And Take The Light Rail In From Cleveland... Makes A Great Weekend Getaway

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    Re: Anyone going to Cleveland...

    Wearing colors in Cleveland could be problematic. The reaction is akin to lions shown a porterhouse steak. I'd way sooner go to Pittsburgh.

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