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    Re: CB Martin Arrested

    I smell a pot legalization debate showing up in the Politics room

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    Re: CB Martin Arrested

    [QUOTE=HoustonRaven;85050]I smell a pot legalization debate showing up in the Politics room[/QUO
    Please, no! My soapbox is worn out!!!!!

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    Re: CB Martin Arrested

    So maybe lost in space was really lost in space?
    I was attributing his delayed recognition to being a young player, but now wonder if maybe there was residual slowed neural processing. But who really knows.
    All I know is that we now have something out in the open, and maybe we lose a decent amount of raw talent with a player, or maybe we see his recognition/reaction time come up that extra split second that is the difference between an adequate and a good player.
    A corner who is lost in space (slow reacting) is only fun to watch if he is on the other side of the field.

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    Re: CB Martin Arrested

    yeah it's a bonehead move by Martin...but this will have little effect on the team. He was only going to see the field sparsely at best.



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