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    Jamal not having a bad year

    When you look at Jamal's record this year a few hundred yards away from 1,000 and a average of almost 4 yards per carry. He should finsih with about 1,200 yards for the season. Not the best in the league but not bad either.

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    Re: Jamal not having a bad year

    What would his stats be if you project only his stats with Billick as OC to a full season?

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    Re: Jamal not having a bad year

    I'll take a 1200 yd back. Nice post...

    His stats will be higher since Billick took over. They should have been higher last week against Cincy, but our lack of effective passing turned into predictable running where the Cincy D stopped Jamal. He did have a couple of nice runs against the Bengals D though.:hammer:

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    Wink Re: Jamal not having a bad year

    Quote Originally Posted by Dont Know View Post
    What would his stats be if you project only his stats with Billick as OC to a full season?
    Sounds like an algebra assignment. What the hell - figuring it out beats pacing while awaiting kickoff! Iíll give it a shot: since the bye, Jamal has 110 carries for 444 yards (6 games, avg 18.33 carries for 74 yards). Reducing by a third (4 games) & adding those to his current numbers of 224 carries for 796 yards, he would project out something like this for the remainder of the regular season:

    297 carries
    1092 yards
    3.67 yards/carry

    If you went backwards and projected Jamal's 16 game performance with Billick as OC as if it had started with Tampa, it would be

    293 carries
    1184 yards
    4.04 yards/carry
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    Re: Jamal not having a bad year

    I think its apparent that a lot of Ravens fans think we still have the same line Jamal ran behind for 2000 yards. Watch the replays of games and focus on the interior line, we get no push. Now watch a good running team's interior line and you see them driving people 4 yards off the ball and taking LB's with them half the time.

    It's all about the line and ours is average at best. I don't think Jamal is done or lost his burst because if you watch some games this year where he ran well, he has the burst, he breaks tackles, etc. He can't "lose" something, then magically find it for some games, then "lose" it again.


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