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Manon McKinnon does a good job with this article. The article discusses, well, Democrats, elections, and ideas. He outlines a few core issues and pins down the major weakness of liberals: ignorance. With NO ideas, this is simply the case.

If people were educated on conservatism (small government, personal responsiblity, low taxes), things COULD be different in this country. But, the endless indoctrination in Universities across this country, the endless stream of biased bullshit from the mainsteam media, and the hate and pessimism coming from left-thinking people may be responsible for the future downfall of this country.

Case-in-point: the War. You have the left drawing moral equivalency between Hezbollah (terrorists) and Israel. They humanize the terrorists and do nothing but criticize and question our (and Israel's) effort in the middle-east (the fraudulent photos, reporting, and the focus of Israel's unintentional bombing of innocents). They have no sense of American exceptionalism; the pessimistic views of this war, labling our troops as terrorists (thanks, John Kerry), and the attempt to appease the unappeasable is only empowering the opposition.

Even by ignoring the attacks leveled against westerners in a pre-9/11 world, there is MORE than a just cause to engage in a war with terror. The acts of war against Israel, 9/11, and the recent botched terror-plots against the U.S. and Britain seem to be illegitmate reasons to be in a war for the left. They wish to pull-out, bury their heads in the sand, and *hope* that the hateful ideas fueled by Islam will dissipate. Will this country ACTUALLY identify the enemy? Or will they pussy-foot around the truth to avoid hurting someone's feelings?

This is a war of ideas and the enemy- Islamic facists- need to be educated, among other things.

Anyway, this thread was not intended to be about the war. It's about the lack of any GOOD ideas coming from the left. I'm tired of hearing each side argue partisan politics and "who did what". Many conservatives are disenfranchised with the Republican party, and rightfully so, but the left still isn't operating on any useful ideas. It's all about government dependency, appeasement, and entitlement.