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    The list here is fantastic and this one, I don't think belongs in the Top Ten, but should recieve a nomination for 10b. I didn't see this and my apologies if someone mentioned it, but Nov 12, 2001 Monday Night Football in Tennessee. A 16-10 win after the Ravens Defense stuffed McNair to end the game on a QB sneak. Sharper, Corey Harris and McCrary all in the game saving tackle. This win kept us alive for the Playoffs and pretty much knocked the Titan's out. It was also the Titans 2nd loss at Adelphia Coliseum(the 1st is in the Top Ten)

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    Re: Best Play in Ravens' History

    Quote Originally Posted by Rochardrik View Post
    I have 2 favorites.., tho' neither was real important. The short field goal attempt that CMAC returned
    for a TD... including the bone crushing hit by Ray. Then there is the very unimportant play when Jamal ground Porter's face in the dirt at the end of a run.... Can't buy THAT with mastercard!

    I almost forgot about that one. That was Joe Frazier like. Jamal not only finished off Joey Porter with the full face plant stiff arm all the way to and through the ground, but he had alredy dropped Larry Foote in the open field with a running haymaker to the chops.


    The one vs the Clowns when he no look stiff armed some sucker whle turning on the jets and gaining separation from a CB was also special.

    That whole 2066 yard season was very fun to watch. J.O. and Zeus, Big Ed just out there mauling 9 in the box fronts and Jamal running right through a guy on every other carry.

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    Re: Best Play in Ravens' History

    The playoff run, the Super Bowl, they were full of thrilling and memorable moments. But my top two favorite Ravens plays didn't happen that year.

    Number one in my book is the McAllister return, for many reasons. First, it was a crazy play that no one could have seen coming... and yet the Ravens had practiced exactly that scenario and made the most of it. Second, it set the record for the longest play in NFL history, though that's been broken three or four times since. Third, Ray Lewis's block... amazing. Replay that over and over. But most importantly, the Denver Broncos were 3-0 and looked outstanding that year, and the Ravens had come off a bye, 0-2, and were routinely listed as the worst team in football. I can remember speculation that we wouldn't win a game, that Denver would blow us out at home on Monday night by 40+, that we were experiencing the biggest two-year collapse ever... and we showed them up big time.

    Second, the first Jamal Lewis TD from his 295 game against the Browns... I woke up my girlfriend with all the yelling I was doing as he ran. It was the start of something special that day... and though that record too has fallen, it'll stand as a Ravens record for a very long time.


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