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    Southeast England,where the only Raven flag flutters.

    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Sounds like a great family Jeff,welcome aboard.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Long time lurker... on the last 2 boards...decided to finally join. Really appreciated the forums while I was in Germany and Iraq (Best info on the web). Born and raised in Baltimore County (hence the handle) moved around the US for the Army. Now back in the Land of Pleasant Living for good (I hope). Everyone in the family are huge Ravens fans. On the list for Season Tickets.

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Hey guys,
    I am new to the forum. 34 years old and a graduate of a local private school and college. I currently live downtown. I have been a Ravens fan since thier inception. PSL and season ticket holder since they came. I sit in the upper deck and would not have it any other way. I have sat in plenty of club and lower level seats (including my buddies skybox) but I still have the most fun sitting up there (my seats).
    I try to hit at least two away games a year. This year it is Tampa and New Orleans.
    Looking forward to seeing some people down in the Big Easy!

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Hello all! Love the website. Went to my 1st Ravens game ( and tailgate) 2 years ago and I am hooked. Looking forward to a great season!

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Wow - I have been away from the board for a long time - didn't know you guys had moved from scout until just the other day. I had alot of problems just being able to read threads on that board, so I'm excited about the new association with 24X7. It's good to see so many familiar names. I don't get a chance to post often, but I check in from time to time to catch up on the latest happenings. The skinny on me is I am 36, female, and live in Abingdon and am an original member of Nest #2. I've been a season ticket holder since day 1, sit in 515, and tailgate on the lot run by Roost #50. Grew up in B-more, in the Overlea area, went to IND, Salisbury U, West Va U, and Loyola earning a couple of degrees along the way. I'm a CPA and I work downtown in the financial services industry. LBoogy feel free to shoot me your resume if you are looking for an internship, or a job when you graduate! ;)

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Can't wait for the steelers game on Sunday. My wife even posted a video of our dog hating the steelers!

    poor Steelers bloggers hate it!

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Thats a great dog!

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    hello, all. I guess I'm just saying hello and testing out my avatar... or something.

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Mister "T"! Whats up my Man?! Long time......Hope all is well.

    The "Chief"
    Rockin the DMZ and D.C.!

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    Re: Just Saying Hello

    Hey Folks,

    Been hanging and posting and maybe pissing people off for a while here and just noticed this here introductory thread.


    I'm over 50 now (man where's the time go?) and a huge former Colt fan. I remember my dad taking me to Memorial Stadium to see Johnny U. beat the Green Bay Packers with a minute and a half on the clock.

    I was a huge fan of the 70's Colts too-the Bert Jones era- and even worked as a "liner upper" for lack of a better term. My job, when I did it, was to line up the Colts or the opposing team prior to the announcement when they ran on the field. My job? Get em in order and pat them when it's time for them to run out. I also had to check with the head coaches for any last minute line up changes. Best thing about was seeing the game from the sidelines-being able to walk up and down the field as the chains moved.

    We always worried that someone would discover how really useless we were and get rid of us so we carried clipboards around. Whenever someone started eyeballing us we'd start studying our clipboards, then look out at the players, repeat as needed... LOL!

    I was sooo glad that Baltimore got a football team back. I gotta say, I kinda hate the NFL for how we got treated during the dark years. I better not head down that road right now.....

    So now I work as the manager for a busy public library branch. That's right, I'm a librarian (or lie-berrian hon, as they say in Baltimore) and proud of it.

    I'm married with 2 kids but am in the process of getting a divorce. Not fun, not fun.

    I noticed that there are other musicians on the board and that's cool. I play with a band called 3rd Shift out of Anne Arundel county. We play places like Le Fountain Bleu, dock bars, private parties and the like. I'm a guitar player and do a little singing.

    Anyway, it's nice to read the posts here and "meet" ya'll.

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  11. Re: Just Saying Hello

    i wonder if i can post now, it's been a year

  12. Re: Just Saying Hello

    just saying hello back! I need to post up so I can get an Avatar, so bear with me as I post a few more times!


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