I guess I should make an honest woman of her soon, particularly given the increasing amount of crap I get about it from my fellow tailgaters...

Who would that be, Ben?

Ah..let's see. Grew up in Glen Burnie (the nice part), went to Old Mill HS, then to technical school to be a whiz-bang computer programmer. Ended up bouncing around Millersville, Severna Park, then to southern PA, now back in the People's Republic of Maryland, in Parkville (nowhere near "Bob") where my fiancee and I are enjoying life with her son and my youngest son, whom I just successfully wrestled away from battle-axe #2. A couple of hours and a few beers and you might want to buy the screenplay to that tragedy, trust me no-one could dream it up.

Never did like programming, but did like operations and management. Transitioned into a career in IT security and compliance a few years ago. It pays the bills, including those of two battle-axes

Was a Colts fan starting in 1972. Wondered for a while why dad threw his shoes at the TV muttering "Joe Thomas...". Witnessed the great 1975 season and the emergence of a true warrior at QB, Bert Jones. Listened to Chuck Thompson call the 1977 Christmas Eve double-OT palyoff game on radio. Went to as many games as I could. Loved that team, and was heartbroken on March 28, 1984. Couldn't quite throw my soul into the Stallions, but was on top of the world on November 6, 1995. Football was back! Attended many games, what memories. The Denver playoff game, the coldest one of all. The Bengal game in '03 with The Arrogant Moderator, cold as shit but loud as any since JAX '00. The Seattle game in '03. Yup, I stayed. Got my first season tickets in 2004 (Section 536).

Started posting on the YBR board early in 2002, and hooked up with many members at the tailgate. I've been a fixture since, with so many great Ravens fans and honestly great people. So here I am, and I am looking for great things from this board.