I'm the second Ben on this thread who is from England. I'm 28 and am from York in the north of the country. It's quite similar to York, PA, but older and with more pubs. And no Harley factory.

Attended university in Manchester, UK where I graduated with a degree in law. Was all set to become a lawyer when I decided to hell with that, took a year off, got a job with an extremely specialized travel company, and was promptly sent to the U.S. to open an East Coast office. Initially based just outside of D.C., moved up to Baltimore in the nick of time to become a Ravens fan. We have been fairly successful in the five and a half years since I opened the office and are right in the middle of downtown Baltimore.

Had no idea about this game of football but learned with the assistance of new found friends in the bars of Fell's Point, where I still live. Formed an immediate affinity with the local team in purple, attended my first game in 2002 (Cincinnatti) and got hooked. After buying season tickets on ebay for the 2004 season, I'm now going into my second season as a PSL holder and very proud of that I am.

My other interests include English Football, or 'soccer', my team being Newcastle United, who will win a trophy in my lifetime, honest and golfing around Maryland (although I don't do Clifton Park anymore).

I am still with my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years who was a Giants fan when we met, but has since converted to the good guys. I guess I should make an honest woman of her soon, particularly given the increasing amount of crap I get about it from my fellow tailgaters, and as a reward for her converting to Ravendom.

These days I can be found prior to games in Lot J with above mentioned unruly mob, drinking belgian ales and stealing other people's cigars.