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    Re: Ravens at Texans

    If you don't think Coulter is witty and has keen political insight you haven't read her. Her research is as good as anybody's and she has a great ability to analyze situations. She is also quite funny.

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    Wink Re: Ravens at Texans

    I may make this trip if I have a reason to be in New Orleans around the same time for my bi-mothly visit -- drive over I-10 or hop a Southwest to Hobby. Subject to finding face value tickets, of course. I'd like to see if the new stadium is as loud as the Astrodome was.

    btw: Coulter expresses more satirical political wit than any other writer today. Her books have me in stitches. She would be great for Mad Magazine, if they allowed good political satire, or for SNL, if they allowed conservatives to speak.
    In a 2003 BBC poll that asked Brits to name the "Greatest American Ever", Mr. T came in fourth, behind ML King (3rd), Abe Lincoln (2nd) and Homer Simpson (1st).

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    Re: Ravens at Texans

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Why are you never writing in the Politics forum? I love debating but Im sure everyone else reading this could care less.
    Didn't know there was one until just now.

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    Re: Ravens at Texans

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Getting back from a hijacked thread ....

    How many are heading this way for the game?
    I am not sure at this time but i have had several others tell me they are interested. You know how that goes though, 20 interested, 2 are in, none pay. Im still at the checking into it stage. I believe i can get at leat 6 but i wont say for sure until all checks clear :) .

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    Re: Ravens at Texans

    Some hotel help for those coming to my neck of the woods ...

    Houston Grand Plaza hotel is the closest ... ... its a very nice hotel, but there is NOTHING to do around the stadium besides buying boots and hitting a Luby's Cafeteria.

    Any hotel near the medical center will have good prices and you can walk / short cab ride to the stadium. Again, you face the problem of having nothing to do before or after the game. The are around Reliant is a BAD neighborhood. Once you cross I-610 towards the south, you're in a hood equal to what you see on The Wire.

    I highly recommend staying near The Galleria. Tons of hotels and some of Houstons best restaurants. There is also a Fox Sports Grille and a Champps near by. The Champps always has a Sunday brunch before the games and is VERY good. A cab ride from Galleria area to Reliant is about $25 each way.

    Hampton Inn on Post Oak Pkwy is showing about $90.00 a night.

    Hilton on Post Oak Blvd is showing $110 a night.

    Homewood Suites on Sage Rd is showing about $125 a night.

    There are also higher end hotels such as Hotel Derek, JW Marriot, etc all on Westheimer Road. Rooms here run anywhere from $150 to $300 a night.


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