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    Playoff tickets (potential)

    I posted this at the other board as well:

    My seat-mates and I have requested over 20 playoff tickets in the Ravens lottery for PSL owners. Lowers & uppers - no clubs. Most of these are already planned to be provided to our friends & family -- but you never know, particularly with regard to January weather, how many tickets would actually be used. Since I don't expect to know how many we will use and how many - if any - would be extras, until a few days before the game, I can't make any firm promises. However: there's a reasonable likelihood that we will have a 1/2 dozen to a dozen or more tickets if it's a bitter cold or precipitation forecast, or few left over in any event. And that's all still dependent on the Ravens ticket lottery.

    The purpose of this post is to assemble a list of prospective buyers, for me to get in touch with, if we have extras. (Ravens fans only) The tickets will be sold at face value cost, and an important condition is that the buyer(s) must pick them up at my house outside of Annapolis and pay cash (unless I know them personally). And they must buy tickets for both games (which I would refund the 2nd game in the unlikely event that our team loses). No Fed Ex or Pay Pal.

    If anyone is interested - again, no promises - please e-mail me at Provide me with your board name, real name, and multiple phone numbers and e-mails. Do not post that data on this thread. I'll sell them on a first come-first serve basis, but with priority to people that I know personally or via the board.

    edit: tickets prices for both games, per seat:

    $241 upper midfield
    $221 upper sideline
    $201 upper goal-line
    $191 upper end zone

    I don't know the per-game prices
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