Bad time of year, we are starved for football topics.
Good time for TL and AW, every word they write is read.
So I read both articles and gleaned what I could... so typing my guessing just because there ain't much of anything else to discuss.

One thing I learned was that Edgar Jones spelled Heap, and caught 4 passes.
Didn't know he was an accomplished TE in HS. Interesting. We have an emergency back-up. He still has to make the team, but if all things are equal, he has an edge over Stills. Also moves Xavier Lee to a thinner part of the bubble in my eyes.

Nice to hear good reports on Troy. Read on this nice pass to Harper for TD.
TL-"Smith to rookie Justin Harper…Harper was able to get behind two defenders, one of which was fellow rookie Haruki Nakamura. The completion went for a 20 yard score just to the outside of the numbers on the right side of the field. Smith’s throw had touch dropping into the outstretched arms of Smith and away from any defender."
Have to say the first thing that came into my mind was 'who got beat?', sounded a lot like the end of last year.
Don't know, but there are clues buried in both TL and AW articles.
1-CMac and Samari were no shows.
2- burried at the bottom of TL article "David Pittman was an observer during practice. He’ll need to develop a sense of urgency very soon or he’ll be playing elsewhere", So not him

Part of me wants to know, just to adjust my bubble list. I hope it wasn't Washington...really hoping he is an improvement over our team last year.
Only thing I can assume is that it was Harper's speed, because probably way too early for double moves...
Ahhh, I'm sure there will be plenty of time as things get going to fine tune our understanding, so my thinking is probably just spinning wheels, but there is not a lot else to do, and DB is one major area I'm following.

The ironic sense of humor in me rises up and thinks that Pittman being on the sidelines may be helpful for him. Just have to wait for everybody else to fall on their face, and you win by default

Man, I can't wait for the really good stuff to start happening (as you can probably now tell).