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    Re: Troy Smith, revisited...

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    Please. This isn't about how he got here. I know how he got here.

    The point is that Billick fell in love with him, named him starter out of the box (even if he said it would be a competition, Redman never had a chance), and then stuck with him about two years too long.

    Boller's resigning wasn't a terrible move, cause he can be a reasonable back-up. But the guy's not a starter, and with Smith stepping up and Flacco in the wings, he's lost all value.

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    You mind telling me what QB our GM brought in that was better than Boller until McNair? Because when McNair came, Boller didn't have a chance to start.

    Are you gonna tell me your post didn't mean that Billick was the person who drafted Boller?



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    Re: Troy Smith, revisited...

    Boller's state now is far more on the shoulders of Billick than Ozzie. Billick had a crap system and was never able to get Boller to progress to an acceptable level to be a legit starter. Billick was a lousy coach as far as player development goes.

    Sure some of the blame goes on Kyle, in fact most of it, but if he has any guts and talent, he will be able to run the new system and be the starter in week 1. If he can't get over this bar, and we all know how low it's set...he will likely never get a chance to be a starter anywhere else again.



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