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    Musa to the Jeets

    What do you all think about this? I liked Smith; thought he was a good backup. But I am open and ready to learn other perspectives.

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    I always thought he came across as a gentleman and a hard worker, which was nice, and those are good qualities in physical therapy.

    Good luck Musa, you never had it here.

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    He looked great leading just up to game where he broke his leg. After that he was kind of hit or miss...never seemed to gain consistency. Then he wore a Yankees hat to the autograph signings at the draft day gig at M&T two years ago. Not sure why he would do that but while it may seem petty, I just never really cared for him after that.

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    Yawn .... next

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    I liked Musa . I remember one national guy wrote he was the best running back in the draft after the Ravens had taken him out of Georgia so I had high hopes. I felt like he was a guy with great work ethic but his injuries limited his potential. When you can't count on a guy to stay healthy even in a limited role they'll never be able to carry the load if needed. With that in mind you need to find a backup who can stay healthy and shoulder the load if called upon.

    I wish Musa luck at his next stop but at the same time I'm glad we've moved on.

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    Good luck Musa. Nothing but respect for him. I hope that at some point Musa gets a chance to punch Roy Williams in the mouth. I've been waiting for a while to see that.

    Now with Willis on the team Musa would never pass him on the depth chart. Willis is really going to help Flaco for the next few years by taking the load (with help form Ray Rice). Look for the Ravens to be in the top 3 for T.O.P. Witch is great because it will give the #1 D in the NFL to be well rested.

    I hope that Musa got a good deal, and i hope he can be a #2 or better over there.
    What you talkin' about Willis?

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    Good luck to him, but there wasn't room for him in this backfield. After drafting Rice, his move elsewhere was a foregone conclusion.

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    Re: Musa to the Jeets

    Also add that we probably never saw the college Musa due to injuries.
    That and the increasing veteran minimum salary....

    By this time, we knew what we had... a slightly injury prone, very servicable backup, who would probably never be a feature back, and they are not a rare commodity, so he is let go and spot filled.
    I'd guess that Ray Rice fills Anderson's and Allen Patrick gets Musa's spot.
    Patrick, possibly brings similar credentials with a bigger upside possible and a smaller salary.
    It is the business.
    Goodbye Musa, and thank you, we wish you health, and we wish you well. Hope there is a big payday in your future, just don't ever come back and take it out on us in a game :)


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