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I totally agree with Purple Poe is that it is just a reflection on society today. Simply put, a total breakdown. Why can't people have manners and cheer respectfully? No one should fear for their life just because they attend a football game, regardless of who you cheer for.

Why penalize the respectful fan who drinks and acts responsibly?
Agreed. Let's not sugarcoat this because our fans are just as bad in the ways they act at games too. I see it every game in my section...god forbid if you wear anything but a Ravens jersey....the people are relentless calling you a a*hole, etc. There is 1 idiot who sits a few rows in front of me holding his young baby in his arms while calling these people a*hole....he's a real class act.

You can't control other people so control yourself. No matter what Goddell wants to do it will never stop all the issues.