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    Re: Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?

    He's been my coach everyyear as I said, I'll t ake Billick in good or bad, as I said. I missed 2 years by accident, but I thought I covered it with the good or bad part, I am at work too. 01 was great because he lost Jamal in preseason & still managed to get back to the playoffs, although he should have let Cunningham take over towards the end of the year & the playoffs, the team would have went further. 02 was just an awesome job after the cap purge & losing Ray & what he got out of all those rookies.

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    Re: Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?

    I think if Billick gets the second ring he'll be entering some pretty elite company. I'm not a major Brian Billick fan, but I do believe in giving a man his due. I don't think there's any getting around the fact that 2 SBs puts you up on a pretty elite pedestal, especially when you're talking about doing it in a span of 7 years (+/-), not to mention a divison title and another wild card post season appearance, with only one really sub-par year. Just look at the Bengals, with NO SBs in their entire franchise.

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    Re: Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?

    I don't know if Shanahan gets an Elway *, but great players help make good coaches. Look how well Chuch D'Amato did at NC St with Philip Rivers; now he's fired. when a team wins multiple SBs, it's usually with the same basic core group. Noll had some playoff teams in Pigsburgh, but won his SBs with Bradshaw, Franco, etc.
    BB has a handful of players from the 2000 team (Ray, Jamal, CMac, JOgd) but lots of different ones, esp on O (most of the line, Dilfer, Gash, Sharpe, Qadry, Patrick, Stokely).
    I understand one of the reasons Mr. Bisciotti kept BB was lack of alternative. Most of the 'hot' candidates (Saban, Weiss, even Dick Nolan) were already hired elsewhere. I'm just glad they didn't go for a quck fix with a recycled Jerry Glanville or Mora sr (competent coaches, but would they have been an upgrade?).

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    Re: Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?

    Excellent point, SailorSam. While I've been a frequent critic of BB, when I ask myself the necessary, logical question: "Ok, who would I choose instead from the available alternatives"?, I don't really come up with any names. And especially now that he's single-handedly taken over the offense, and things seem to be clicking -- at least when it doesn't rain -- I don't know that there ARE any easy answers.

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    Re: Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?

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    Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?
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    Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?


    Who is the best coach in the AFC, and why?

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    Re: Who's the best coach in the AFC, and why?


    Bill Belichick

    no one else is even close. He loses star players and keeps on winning
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