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    Re: Ravens Roster Moves

    I would like to clarify what I have tried to say. First, I am not saying Bannon did not play well, I am saying the team considered him expendable. He never seriously challenged to start, did not see significant playing time and did not even play in 4 of the last 5 games and that was not due to injury. Second, I have no idea if he is regarded highly in the locker room or not. What I am saying is his injury is new and is normally a 2 week injury (without ligament damage requiring surgery but that is not listed for Bannon) but for some reason, he gets IR'd. Since this comes out of left field, IMO, you have to look beyond the injury for an explaination. My suggestion is that they needed a roster spot and Bannon was the odd man out. Maybe they wanted to protect Atiyyah Ellison or some other player; teams use the IR to protect players and maybe the Ravens did it here.

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    Re: Ravens Roster Moves

    MdLawBirds....maybe, it is always a possibility. It is also a possibility that we are not the doctors who are treating the injury and the injury maybe more serious than you personally think.


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