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    Re: Fed Up - Stem Cells

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg
    Stick around here for a while, you will find a few of us who think most of what the Fed Gov does not only sucks, but is unConstitutional.
    No doubt. I was more refering to those in the general public who are so up in arms over stem cell research.

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    Re: Fed Up - Stem Cells

    Edit: I reread the quotes. The pro-lifers are still wrong here. With the one cell removed, the others have the same ability to develop. Sure, that ONE cell could develop on its own, but it would be the SAME PERSON as the other ~7 then. Ridiculous.

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    Re: Fed Up - Stem Cells

    If stem cell research has the potential (keyword there, potential) to cure some terrible illnesses, then why don't more people fund the private companies researching at the moment? I'm very pro stem cell research, but i don't understand why people bitch about the government not funding research, but then not making contributions to it out of their own pockets.


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