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    Angry Fed Up - Stem Cells

    Scientists have found a new method of obtaining embryonic stem cells without destroying the embryo:

    The new method works by taking an embryo at a very early stage of development and removing a single cell, which can be coaxed into spawning an embryonic stem cell line. With only one cell removed, the rest of the embryo retains its full potential for development.
    Problem solved, right?
    Think again:

    Some stem cell researchers complain that the new approach, though it may hold future promise, simply isn’t as efficient as their current method of creating stem cells. That procedure involves the destruction of embryos after about five days of development, when they consist of about 100 cells.
    Well, boo hoo.

    What about the pro-life side? Are they happy?

    Meanwhile, hard-line opponents of stem cell science argue that the technique solves nothing, because even the single cell removed by the new approach could theoretically grow into a full-fledged human.

    NEWSFLASH: people will have to compromise here. If one side runs roughshod over the other, we'll have another purely political issue that will be a constant source of argument and hard feelings, just like abortion. The actual science of the thing will be secondary. I'm for standing on principle as much as the next guy, but some people need to just...grow up!!!

    What does Bush say? According to the article, he called this "a step in the right direction."
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