Once this team gets into the playoffs, anything can and will happen.

I don't buy into the hype that this team isn't ready for the bigtime. If you are an NFL fan and you've watched what has happened to the NFL these last 10 years, you'd know what a ridiculously unpredictable sport this has turned into.

I remember back in the 80's and early 90's, there wasn't much mystery when it came to who was going to win the Super Bowl. Now, I'll be damned if the best team during the regular season ever does win it.

Even the Patriots, the so-called dynasty of our era, was a weak rendition of the 90's Cowboys, 80's 49ers and 70's Steelers. The dynasties of today don't measure up on the depth chart to the past greats, mainly due to the design of free agency and the cap. This is a different era. There is no dominant team, just a bunch of streaky teams and the occassional Patriots-type team that just doesn't shoot themselves in the foot. Everybody is vulnerable in this league and when you throw them all in a can, some crazy shit is going to happen.

I say let's roll the dice. Throw our Ravens into the playoff picture and let's see if they stick. I would not be surprised at all if they bow out fast or take it right to the bank for #2.