I was so miffed at last night's game that I needed time (to think clearly) before posting this. It is not as if I am paid to do this, nor as if you guys are clamouring for my opinions on this, but if I am going to do this when we win, then I must follow through even with losses.

The Good:

1. We are 9-3! I hate losing any games and especially as we did yesterday, but losses happen in the NFL.

2. It is not as if the Bengals blew us away 30-7. They scored 13 points after scoring 30, 49 and 31 points in the previous three games. Our defense did hold them.

3. As pointed out today, the Ravens, statistically, matched up with the Bengals. Both teams passed for 227 yards, we rushed for more yards, and won the Time of Possession.

4. The team gets to rest for 10 days before taking on the Chiefs.

5. The Bengals will NOT win out. I have ending 1-3 with losses to the Steelers, Broncos, and Colts. That would place them at 8-8. At the same time, I have us finishing out 3-1 with wins against the Steelers, Bills, and Browns. If we beat the Chiefs (it is tough to play in KC), then I will amend it to 4-0.

6. No more Thursday games for us. I will chalk yesterday's game to fatigue.

The Bad:

1. Lack of offensive preparation. We should have been more aggressive passing the ball. We may have thrown an INT, but I think we win that game with a more aggressive passing game. Our offense was Marty-Ballesque.

2. Ed Reed. Someone needs to reel this guy in big time. His free lancing could cost us huge in the post season. Who is Reed playing for? Himself or the team.

3. Steve McNair. He throws an ugly ball when it is dry. Those passes with the wet ball looked as if I was throwing the ball. (Still think we should have passed more, though).

4. Thursday night games. The NFL network should either 86 this bad idea and go with Saturday games, or have teams coming off of bye weeks play in these games. I am not a fan of these Thursday games, either Billick.

5. BJ Sams lost for season. The brightside is that we get to see Cory Ross, who I think will be better in the long run. Ross has that explosiveness to take one to the house. That said, it is sad to see Sams go out like that.

6. Bryant Dumbell. Someone put a muzzle in that oreo cookie.