1) Not a very entertaining game -- we were only down 6-0 at the half but it somehow seemed worse than that. As others have pointed out in other threads, McNair was not sharp.

2) This was the first NFL Network game I've seen, and I'm surprised at how much I didn't like Bryant Gumbel. I've liked him in the past but didn't like him much as a play-by-play guy. Collingsworth was his usual arrogant self. Not that great a team, IMHO.

3) I don't really like the Ravens on Thursday night. Sunday will seem empty without a Ravens game.

4) I'm all for players getting along after the game, but did you see Ray and Chad after time expired? I thought they were on the verge of getting a hotel room. Sheesh!

5) Sam Adams looks even bigger than when he played for us -- that guy is huge. He looks like could swallow a sofa.

6) If we play the Bengals again this year, I hope our secondary plays more aggresively. They were too soft last night, giving too big a cushion to the receivers.