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  1. What's wit all the hammy injuries this year??

    This year I've heard more about hamstring pulls, tears, strains, etc! Could it be from these new surfaces they are practicing and playing on??? Just seems a bit strange now that all the teams have gone over to the new playing surfaces Would like some opinions

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    Re: What's wit all the hammy injuries this year??

    It's probably not the field. I used to get minor hamstring pulls all the time. Then I took stretching more serious, and haven't done anything bad to my hamstrings sense.
    So I think the problem is lack of conditioning for these players. They need to take it more serious, or it could cost then their careers. Hydration is also important, especially in these hot conditions.

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    Re: What's wit all the hammy injuries this year??

    I hadn't considered the surfaces as a potential reason but it does make sense. I just find it hard to believe that pro athletes, whose career depends on their ability to perform would be lax in preparation (stretching). There does seem to be more than usual this preseason. I heard today that TO's may be more serious than first thought. ~ gee isn't that a shame.

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    Re: What's wit all the hammy injuries this year??

    Hamstrings are a really pesky thing too.

    Football is a lot like sprinting, you're doing a lot of bursting, quick stops and changing directions. It's very easy for something to tighten up and get tweaked.

    I ran the 1 2 and 4 in high school and I had problems every year from the beginning of the season because there was always the one cold meet you'd not be able to stay nice and warmed up for, you come out of the blocks and you just feel it happen.

    The only way i'd chalk it up to changing surfaces if it was something that's totally unlike playing on grass.

    I don't have time for it, but it might be interesting to see if someone could figure out hamstring and related injuries for teams like the Rams and Vikings over the years compared to the packers and bengals pre-neograss.


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