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Thread: Castro Out?

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    Castro Out? is reporting that Castro has announced, in the middle of the night, that he is done running Cuba, and that an election (?) will be held soon to name his successor, which is assumed to be his brother Raul.

    Since the power is apparently staying in the family, I wonder if this will really have any impact on U.S. policy toward Cuba -- in other words, will the embargo continue?

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    Re: Castro Out?

    My guess is that Cuba will wait until the next administration takes office in DC to make overtures. And that gives Raul time to make some changes, especially in the human rights area.
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    Re: Castro Out?

    Oh snap!

    I had no idea there was a politics page! :)

    Cuba wont change and neither will the US's response to them. Im sure some things will legalized (cigars) but by and large, until they give up their communisitc ways, nothing will change.


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