I saw this on another board (I believe in giving credit where credit is due) and I think it is worth asking here.

Is there anyone that want to write an apology about something they predicted about our Ravens before the season started.

I will go first:

To Ray Lewis,

I said that you were washed up and were no longer the heart and soul of our defense. I wanted to ship your butt off to the Dolphins or to any team that would give us a 1st or 2nd rounder. I did not think you were interested in being here, but you showed that while you are not player you once were, you are still one of the best LBs in football.

To Billick,

I was not a huge fan of yours, but you have shown that you are still a great motivator. You also showed that you are an offensive guru, but I don't think no other person can call your offense expect for you. Billick, you deserve a three year extension.

To Jamal,

I still don't think you are the RB you once were, but you have shown to be better than what you shown earlier in the season. You are showing that as the OL has stepped up their run blocking, and now that you once again have a very good FB, you are still a RB that teams have to gameplan for.

To BJ Sams,

You could still use to break away speed, but you showed me that you can get us some decent field position.

To the Ravens,

I had you guys finishing at 8-8, but clearly you are better than that.