Dollar Tree I got a 'Football Manager' computer game (for $1, of course). doesn't actually play the game; you build the team (free agents, contracts, salary cap, etc).
really gives you some insight on how things work; how much $ on hand, how much cap room, do you hold on to the pro-bowl OG one more year and cut the rookie CB, etc. you can easily spend hours on it. kind of helps the post-SB football craving.
the game gives you a thinly disguised NFL (Minnesota Norsemen, Miami Porpoises; you can change your own team's name) wi playoffs etc. I think there's an upgraded version called 'Football Mogul'.
fyi; among my Baltimore Bombers' highlights are three division titles, on SB appearance, and a 48-0 smackdown of the Pittsburgh Blacksmiths.
might be worth looking into; sure the best $1 I ever spent.