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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 12)

    The Good, all mentioned above

    One bad that continues and could cause problems down the road HAS to be the short Kickoffs.
    I love Stover nailing FG's, but Damn, one decent Kick near the end that rolled into the endzone for a TB isn't going to help later on.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 12)

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleRulz View Post
    Was there anyone else that was praying that Ben would return to the game and that Charlie Batch would not replace Ben for the rest of the game? I did not want to see Batch for anymore than that one play.

    I am more fearful of Batch than Ben.
    I sure was hoping Ben would come back in. Batch has been sharp when he's come in for them. I'm surprised Cowher didn't pull Ben in the 4th quarter. But I'm glad he left him in so the Ravens could SHUT HIM OUT for a whole game.

    Also, cool pic and sig, bass!
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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 12)

    I was actually surprised that Coach Chin let Ben in the game to continue to get his ass kicked -- after all, Billick pulled McNair in the fourth quarter, so why keep throwing Rothesberger out there to get clobbered? Did Chin want to see Ben get crushed like a grape?

    Not that I'm complaining -- I haven't enjoyed a Ravens game like that in a long, long time.

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    Re: The Good And The Bad (Week 12)

    Penalties are the only bad thing I can think of...My kingdom for a game without a false start of Chris McAllister getting a stupid penalty.

    Everything else: BRILLIANT!!


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