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    AFC North on NFL Replay @ 5:30

    NFL replay will show some highlights from some of the best battles in the AFCN this year.

    Its on at 5:30 on the NFL Network, thought you guys might want to know.
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    Many thanks to bassgtrst for the thread. I had to arm-wrestle the kids for control of the remote, but was able to get the DVR cranked up in time to record the replays of all three AFC North games (Cincy-NOLA, Pitt-Cle, and, most important: Falcons-Ravens).

    This should repeat later tonight for those who missed the 5:30 showing.

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    Re: AFC North on NFL Replay @ 5:30

    i set a reminder for AFC North on NFL Replay so I won't have to miss it. It's on comcast channel 275 @ 10:30 in b-more county.

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    Re: AFC North on NFL Replay @ 5:30

    bassgtrust - thanks, man! I would have missed taping these games otherwise. It's coming on again at 1.30 am Mountain time, so I'll be able to tape it then.


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