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Thread: QB Situation

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    Re: QB Situation

    What is "lower in the draft"?

    And QB is one of our biggest needs.

    Why not take the top guy if he is available there?...or at the least take a guy in round 2?

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    Re: QB Situation

    Ryan would be ridiculous value at #8. We'd be morons not to draft him if he's there.

    But it won't matter, cause he won't be.

    - C -

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    Re: QB Situation

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    Of course I shit on McNair in 2006. I argued that $33 million was way excessive for a guy who was approaching being washed up. I took all kinds of grief, including a lot of personal insults. I was right, but I don't crow about it. I would much rather have been wrong and seen a competitive team in 2007.

    What's your point?

    I would take McNabb over any of the stiffs that we have. But why waste the bandwidth discussing it -- he's not coming here. Andy Reid wants two first rounders.

    If he's there at #8, I hope we can get a good deal by trading down. There should be better QB values at lower rounds this year. We have many, many needs.
    1. We went 13-3 and had a bye. You shit on the guy the whole season. You weren't right at all. Sorry if I don't buy your thinking that Boller would've done what McNair did. I remember your posts about how Boller could've gone 13-3 with that defense. There was no crowing in the cards for you. Not after professing your infatuation with Boller. The guy is a backup QB. Never was anything more.

    2. I didn't bring up McNabb nor would I want him. The makeup of this team is much different than it was going into the 2006 season.

    3. Our biggest need is QB. If Ryan is there at 8, he's ours. There will be no trading down if he's there.

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    Re: QB Situation

    I completely understand that we have more needs than just QB...but QB is ONE of those needs.

    Yes, our OL wasn't that good last year, but why not give all those young guys a chance...with a better OL coach at that. An OL of Terry, Grubbs, Brown, Yanda, and a RT to be determined (maybe Gaither is ready after a full year of getting into shape/coaching).

    We could really use another pass rusher...but maybe Antwan Barnes is ready for a bigger role after a year of putting on some weight and more studying.

    The one spot I could say yes...we definately need some help is at CB, but there are no elite CB's in this draft either.

    My ideal scenario...and I'm assuming logically that Ryan is not to trade down and maybe pick up another 2 or 3, draft the BPA, draft Henne/Flacco in round 2 and then go BPA the rest of the way.


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