I completely understand that we have more needs than just QB...but QB is ONE of those needs.

Yes, our OL wasn't that good last year, but why not give all those young guys a chance...with a better OL coach at that. An OL of Terry, Grubbs, Brown, Yanda, and a RT to be determined (maybe Gaither is ready after a full year of getting into shape/coaching).

We could really use another pass rusher...but maybe Antwan Barnes is ready for a bigger role after a year of putting on some weight and more studying.

The one spot I could say yes...we definately need some help is at CB, but there are no elite CB's in this draft either.

My ideal scenario...and I'm assuming logically that Ryan is not there...is to trade down and maybe pick up another 2 or 3, draft the BPA, draft Henne/Flacco in round 2 and then go BPA the rest of the way.